Road to redemption

Basketball has been loved by Filipinos from all walks of life from the time it was introduced by the Americans in the early 20th century. History tells us that Philippines first participated in international basketball in the Far Eastern Championship Games in 1913. The Filipinos had been dominating  the game in the six nation athletic [...]

Survived first acid test

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Team USA escaped a nail-biting 70-68 thriller over reigning FIBA-Americas champion Brazil in the ongoing preliminaries of the 2010 FIBA-World Champiosnhip in Turkey. It was a very tough night for the Americans that the game went through the last tick of the clock. Early on, the Brazilians taught the Americans neat basketball fundamentals. [...]

The Asian watch: Day 1

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I’d like to keep abreast of how the Asian teams fare in the ongoing FIBA-World Championship in Turkey. Four out of twenty four entries come from Asia namely Iran, China, Jordan and Lebanon. The performances of the Asian teams in this competition are crucial to their request to add one more slot for [...]

Team USA: On the brink of another debacle

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The 2010 FIBA-World Championship starts on the 28th of August in Turkey and this early I could see Team USA heading for another shameful exit. It’s not because I’m subjective but realistically speaking, the current US squad is not at par with the best teams out there at this point in time. Gone [...]

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