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33rd Jones Cup final rankings

33rd Jones Cup final rankings
Date: August 6 – 13, 2011
Host: Chinese-Taipei
Rank          Team
1                I.R. Iran
2                South Korea
3                Philippines
4                Chinese – Taipei
5                Japan
6                Jordan
7                Malaysia
8                United Arab Emirates
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32nd Jones Cup final rankings

32nd Jones Cup final rankings
Date: July 14-20, 2010
Host: Chinese-Taipei
Rank          Team
1                 I.R. Iran National Team
2                 Lebanon National Team
3                 Japan National Team
4                 Philippines National Team
5                 Chinese-Taipei National Team
6                 Chinese-Taipei University All-Stars
7                 Townsville Crocodiles (Australia)

32nd Jones Cup tidbits – Part II

Six grueling games in seven days of intense competition is over in Taipei. Here are more of my thoughts in the annual tournament in honor of Renato William Jones, one of the pillars of FIBA:

32nd Jones Cup tidbits – Part I

It’s Day 4 of the 32nd William Jones Cup in Taipei and so far we have witnessed how some of the elite teams in Asia play against each other. As of the moment of this posting, Middle Eastern powerhouse teams Iran and Lebanon are still playing. Smart Gilas-Pilipinas are taking a day off after a [...]

The Jones Cup aftermath

It took me more than half day last weekend watching the replays of the games played by Team Pilipinas in the 31st William Jones Cup thru I wanted to delve more on the performance of RP team in the tournament as they are about to wrap up the preparations for the FIBA-Asia Championships in [...]

The sky is not (yet) falling

Photo Courtesy:
It’s Day 7 of the 31st William Jones cup and the Powerade Team Pilipinas is taking a day off. So far in the tournament, RP 5 has only a win to show with 5 setbacks with two games left against Iran and Taiwan B this weekend.  The best record RP team can have [...]

Can we spoil Jordan’s ‘three-peat’ bid?

Photo Courtesy: Facebook/Zaid Alkhas
I’m just one of the basketball enthusiasts who always remember Michael Jordan leading the Chicago Bulls in a couple of ‘three-peats’ in the NBA (1991-93, 1996-98). This time, however, it will be the men’s basketball team of Jordan who would like to do their own ‘three-peat’ at the William Jones Cup on [...]

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